Tuesday, January 20, 2009

daily chickadee

goodness gracious.
a feature in the daily candy? somebody please pinch me.

click on the article above to read more!

many thanks to erin from the daily candy who contacted me out of the blue with an interest in these pillows! she wrote the sweet little article seen above. to see the pillows for yourself, check out this chickadee's newly minted etsy shop.


KSee said...

Too funny, I clicked the picture and it took me right to your blog! I always follow the link. Then to read past posts to see knitting! And Ravelry! Then etsy. Don't you just love them both. I am a knitter and am kseelass on Rav.
Good Luck with your new venture. What a cool idea. Now on to etsy!

Christine said...

This is so exciting Bep! Congrats! I just sent the Etsy link out to all my friendss singing your praises. Way to go.

Christi said...

congrats! this is so exciting! and the etsy shop looks great!