Monday, January 5, 2009

knit 1, purl 2, make many

the end of the 2008 craft show season also brought a temporary end to the sewing around here at chickadee central. the new machine that joined the family has been sitting idle, a victim of overbooked obligations and happy holidaying. that doesn't mean that all modes of creation have ceased. in fact, the urge to make some last-minute prezzies started a knit storm that's still raining needles and purls.

centerpiece treasure blanket

here's a current project that's yet to reach completion. started way back on november 28 (see the first post here), the centerpiece treasure throw has been quite a project. this circular coverlet is worked from the center out, which means that each round includes an increased number of stitches. in the beginning it was a treat, now it is quite a timely undertaking. rounds that once were worked in twenty minutes now take nearly an hour to complete. and, from reading what other knitters had to say about this pattern on ravelry, it seems that the folks at lion brand might have given a low estimate of the yarn usage. i ran out of yarn two times and cut it pretty close twice more.

centerpiece treasure blanket

this one was put on the back burner for the sake of smaller, cuter projects that you'll soon meet. but hopefully soon the cast-off will begin and the never ending circular knitting will come off the needles and show itself off. hopes for this one are still high.

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