Monday, June 30, 2008

hot fun in the summertime

crafty bastards 2008
(silver spring edition) is in the books ladies and gentlemen. saturday's showcase was a spectacular event for vendors and shoppers alike. the turnout was tremendous especially considering the soaring temperatures and sticky, sweaty ambiance. visitors to the fair were entertained and amused by the assemblage of artists and musicians, and saved from heat stroke by the wonderful water ice people. as vendors, we were well taken care of by city paper staff members and volunteers who did everything from helping us haul our wares in and out to taking trips around to make sure we were staying hydrated. for dandelion blu and i, it was fun and fulfilling, as many people stopped in to wish us well and encourage our efforts.

thanks to everyone who showed up and showed their support, especially to family and friends who made the day even more special with their presence. thank you washington city paper and pyramid atlantic people for all of your hard work behind the scenes and hands on help during the day. kim and sara, you are the champs of the craft show scene and your professionalism and personal touch made the day a great success. and finally, to our overworked and completely unpaid canopy staff...kelly and eric, we couldn't have done it without you. you are the wind beneath our wings and the hands that hold down the tent when the wind gets other ideas.


Anonymous said...

The booth looks great!!

morgan said...

it was a truly grand affair.