Monday, June 9, 2008

double fantasy

it is just like starting over here at chickadee central as we go back to basics with our latest portable parcels. dubbed the "double fantasy" collection because of their duo of complementary fabric components, the style of these bags hearkens back to the early days of this chickadee's long and winding tote bag road. like previous lines (buttonheads, metalheads), look for the fantastic five to share certain characteristics. a precious and petite 12" x 11" frame belies a cavernous capacity that comes complete with key features to keep you organized. six pockets in all, the public face provides a central zipper for the protection of small objects and is flanked by tiny twin slips perfect for phones. the private face also provides a selection of slips, even two small (almost) secret ones specially sized for pens and pencils. super strong handles and sturdy interfacing throughout show that though they may be small, they are mighty. a duet of fabrics in perfect harmony.

this week, you'll be introduced to them one at a time. pictures will be posted daily and instead of writing about each bag individually, the above paragraph will serve as the description for the bunch. this is going to be a busy week and i beg your pardon as i turn all my energies to production for the upcoming crafty bastards show on june 28th (!). four days from now this chickadee will part ways with bernie and the comfy confines of chickadee central to journey abroad in search of adventure and bavarian butterbrezeln...not to return until sated with the delicious, refreshing combination of beer and lemon-lime soda a scant two days before the colossal city paper craft spectacular. wish me luck as i put the sewing machine pedal to the metal on the thread and bobbin autobahn (whilst preserving the integrity of my nine full-sized fingers).

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