Thursday, June 5, 2008

blinded by the lightning

mother nature is not messing around with storms this season! she's unleashed a few doozies already and yesterday's tempest brought with it big bolts and bumpers, not to mention a few twisted sisters that touched down right around chickadee central. (maybe nature's mama is a metalhead fan?) who knows which part of this terrible tumultuous trio of thunder, lightening and tornado is to blame for turning the lights off...but off they are and off they remain after at least 24 hours. this has understandably brought production and posting to a virtual standstill. hopefully power will be restored and i'll be able to open my refrigerator again...but judging by the luxurious lunch break/nap time that i spied the linemen taking, it might be a little while.

if you're in the dark about what to do tonight, why not head on over to redeem in dc for knit night? this chickadee will be there, enjoying their electricity and trying to knit with nine fingers.

be back as soon as the magic wires start working again... thanks to the neighborhood bookseller for sharing their socket and wireless system.

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