Friday, June 6, 2008

makin' it rain seattle style


(stunned silence)


that's an approximation of my reaction upon hearing that this chickadee and dandelion blu were selected as vendors for the bumbershoot 2008 indie market. WHAT?!? i still can't believe that it is true. but the airline has confirmed our itinerary and hotel rooms have been booked, a large official packet arrived and was sent back with our signatures. so at the end of august, we'll hop aboard a plane and head north and west to the spectacular city of seattle, washington...the emerald city, my own personal oz. it was at a bumbershoot festival many years back that i was first introduced to the world of indie craft. amid the myriad of musical acts, dance troupes, art exhibits, literary meets and theater events; the indie market made the biggest impact on me. at the time, my own crafting dreams hadn't even hatched. but meeting the conscious group of crafters assembled there really made an impression and turned up the heat in my incubator.

if you aren't familiar with the fest, here are some facts. bumbershoot is a three-day event that takes place over labor day weekend. it is billed as the largest of its kind in north america and features everything under the music and arts umbrella. musical acts this year include ludacris, beck, stone temple pilots, jakob dylan, lucinda williams, lee "scratch" perry, neko case...the list goes on. add to that performance by theater and dance groups and a literary tent with its own happenings...that's quite a lot to take in. 2008 is the 38th year of the 'shoot. want more info? go to their website and see for yourself.

wish us luck! we are taking seattle by storm!

p.s.: thank you, power people, for plugging us back in. i should have known better than to doubt you. perhaps your siesta yesterday contributed to your productivity.

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Pardon My French said...

Wow! Congratulations! This is the first time I've heard of bumbershoot but it sounds pretty awesome. Good luck!

Also, my mother very kindly sent on the scarf and goodies and I just wanted to let you know that I *love* the scarf and can't wait to wear it later on in the fall/winter. The CD was awesome; believe it or not neither my husband nor I had any Piaf! Going to watch the race as soon as I can figure out how. Thank you so much; you will see the scarf in action (but in cooler weather).