Thursday, April 16, 2009

fair trade

last night was the pints and purls party at knit happens in alexandria (click knit 2, purl 2, sip 1 for the previous post). there were delicious cupcakes, tempting libations and the lady of the hour, karida collins, was there to sign books and model some of the projects. here she is with olga buraya-kefelian (a designer featured the book) showing off the lovely stockinette cowl from page 131.

and wait, what's that that she's wearing around her waist. why that looks like a chickadee original craft apron. by golly it is! karida has been so kind to me, gifting some of her yummy yarns and even a copy of her book. the craft apron was a fun way to give back.

congratulations to karida and her co-author libby bruce! and to all of the designers featured in the book. grab this book and your favorite potable...then purl away.


Anonymous said...

great work, chickadee!!!! love the apron.....

Anonymous said...

Oooo! I've used that same fabric! I love it.