Thursday, April 9, 2009

how awesome is that?

this just in...this chickadee will be making two very special appearances at the hello craft summit of awesome!

saturday, may 2nd, the double sew dynamo of ali dryer (pistol stitched) and little old me will facilitate a discussion on "developing a product line: deciding what to make and sell." then sunday, may 3rd, the chickadee meets the book worm (caitlin phillips of rebound designs) to talk turkey about "customer service: crafting with a smile."

finally a chance to flex those dormant public speaking skills gleaned from high school student government. hopefully there will be a gavel and a chance to say "this meeting will come to order!" off to practice being authoritative... hope to see you there!


Natalie said...

You are too funny! I have already signed myself up so I will get to see you in action. How exciting!

Pang said...

yay you! i think i might have to register now! can i come stay with you all weekend?

Meaghan said...

Were you keeping this top secret? You should've said so in our discussion! :-)'ll be a awesome summit indeed!