Tuesday, April 7, 2009


usually a plane ride is the perfect time to knit; a nice long stretch with very few interruptions. from take-off to touch-down, this chickadee will be slipping stitches from left to right needle and sipping complementary beverages. but the skies aren't always so friendly and sometimes the sailing isn't so smooth, as was the case on a recent airline adventure. that trip was plagued by pockets of "bad air" and bumpy as all get out. the turbulence was tough on the nerves and evident in the end product. the tension in the air created a tight tension on the yarn, resulting in a hat a bit too tiny for my head.

which is such a shame, because the pattern was a super cute slouchy cap called felicty from knitology (you can download it for free from her website or ravelry). and the yarn, minnow merino by jil eaton, was a bright and beautiful aqua blue. if you are of the petite persuasion and in the market for a sweet springtime chapeau, this chickadee can make a donation to your cranium comfort fund. for even though you have less surface area than the rest of us, you still need to cover your noggin and conserve that heat to combat the early april chill.


Anonymous said...

lovely hat, pretty color!!!

Pang said...

if no one has claimed it, can i haz it?