Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this chickadee on display at the smithsonian!

actually, that should read: "this chickadee helping to display the work of a very talented artisan at the smithsonian."

jaqueline sanchez is her name. she's an atlanta artist who has won numerous accolades for her unique, playful, and lovingly handcrafted jewelry. her most popular line, forever young (pictured below), earned her the achievement award from the american craft council. and her entire body of work earned her admission into this year's smithsonian craft show...quite an honor.

the opportunity to lend a hand to such a talented and successful craftsperson is exciting! it should be a fun, educational experience as well as great exposure to the contemporary craft scene. you can expose yourself too! the show is open to the public thursday through sunday. admission is $15. click here to learn more about the show and view the exhibitors. hope to see your smiling faces there.


Anonymous said...

I'm under a court order to not expose myself anymore.

jacQ said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you Chickadee
You were the best! Thanks for all your hard work, and great vibes ox!