Tuesday, March 31, 2009

knit 2, purl 2, sip 1

knitting lends itself well to both the solitary and the social. you can certainly relax at home with nothing but cables for company or take the show on the road and share stitches with a few friends. being such a versatile craft, knitting attracts all kinds of people with all sorts of interests. that's why you'll see knitting groups popping up just about everywhere. for the literati, there are knit-lit nights where you can loop-the-loop and discuss the latest bestseller. the sports minded bind-off in the bleachers of baseball games at area stitch and pitch events. ravelry is overrun with groups of knitters whose common thread ranges from favorite fiber to tonight's television watching.

but it isn't always about the theme, sometimes it is just the "togetherness." and there is nothing that brings people together like a little tipple. mix together a love of knitting and a double-hop i.p.a. or a crisp california white wine and you get this new book: pints and purls: portable projects for the social knitter. co-authored by karida collins and libby bruce, it is full to the brim with cute, creative projects that are perfect for a knit night out. this chickadee got a little taste of what is inside at the homespun yarn party, where karida had an advanced copy on display at her neighborhood fiber co. booth. many of her yummy yarns were used in the book and if you haven't yet checked them out, you owe yourself the pleasure.

want to find out what's on tap? here's what the editors had to say:
Recipes for tasty cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres are not the only things that you’ll find in Pints and Purls. For the social knitter who likes to have one drink (or a few!), there are a variety of portable projects such as drink cozies and soft scarves that feature simple-to-follow patterns, plus tips and tricks for fixing mistakes should you have a bit too much while knitting. The pocket size and quick-to-knit projects are perfect for the knitter on the go.
if the "happy hour cappy" or the "barfly pullover" sound like your sort of projects, you can meet up with other like-minded knitters at a tangled skein in hyattsville, md on april 4th for a 5pm book launch/signing/sampling. click here for more details about the event.

if you miss out on this one, be on the look out for another potable purling party at knit happens in alexandria, va.

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