Wednesday, March 11, 2009

misty water colored memories

nothing new to show you today, as this chickadee is a bit behind in preparation for the homespun yarn party. instead, here's a little bit more about last week's trip. an interested reader wrote in and asked about the names of the stores that i saw when out in santa monica.

the first stop was a mano yarn center in venice. a nice little bike ride along the strand from santa monica and a short jaunt along venice boulevard brought me to this shop. (it took a while for me to figure out that the name, a mano, means by hand. maybe the sun made the brain work slow) a mano is a small store but stocked to the gills with all sorts of yarns. you'll see some of that yarn soon, after it is put to good use...

(oops, forgot to take pictures inside. see their website)

the next day brought new adventures, including a hike to wildfiber, located several blocks into downtown santa monica. it was worth the walk! a roomy store stocked from floor to ceiling with all sorts of lovely fibers. they boast a comprehensive selection of koigu, plus lots of cottons for spring knitting. there's no chance of walking out of this place empty handed.

last, but certainly not least, was the urban craft center on main street in santa monica. for more on this shop, click over to hello craft for the feature.


Anonymous said...

For some reason looking at your pictures, seeing the bike, made me think of the song.....lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lolli,lolli..... sweeter than candy on the shelf.....guess it was the bike, the ocean air, the neat little stores, just made me think of all kinds of nice things....thanks for it. kd

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

I was also happy to see the bike, but for different reasons, given my day job. Did you rent one or was that just one you saw while there?