Wednesday, March 18, 2009

loop love

a little while back, this chickadee flew up to philadelphia for the day. on the list of things to do in a few short hours: visit loop, a knitting store on south street -- it would have also been great to visit their sister store spool (which is right next door) but it was closed that day. loop is a darling store with shelves overflowing with all sorts of yarns in so many colors. plenty of temping projects were on display and draped over the comfortable sofas that were just calling for someone to sit down and knit. confronted with so many colorful choices, pressed for time to make it back before the beltway jammed, but determined not to walk out empty handed, the day's winner was one skein of noro kuryeon sock yarn.

this sublime skein went on to become the catch a wave shawl that you met earlier on this blog. now that very same shawl is featured in the most recent loop post. how flattering! thank you to the lovely folks over at loop. let's hope that our paths cross again very soon.

here's a snippet:

click on the pic to read the rest. and while you are at it, take a look around loop land. you'll love it for sure.


Trillian42 said...

Ooh - that's pretty! I'm doing a Swallowtail in Silk Garden Sock right now, but I have a skein of Kureyon Sock in the stash, too - I might have to steal your idea and do the F&F with that one!

Anonymous said...

becky, your shawl is so beautiful! Love the can do magic with yarn! kd