Tuesday, March 17, 2009

homespun hangover

if i told you that there was a line to get in to the homespun yarn party on sunday, would you believe me? what if i told you that the line starting forming as the vendors were setting up...and grew so long that it snaked around the halls of savage mill out to the parking lot? this is the absolute truth. and it was an amazing site to behold. a whole host of (mostly) women mad about fiber lined up at the starting gates like the ponies at the preakness, ready to run to the stall of their favorite sheep and snatch up three bags full of wool.

it was the event of the season for anyone with itchy stitchy fingers. you just had to be there...and if you were, and you stopped by the chickadee both...it was very nice to meet you. many thanks for your support. extra special thanks go out again to my extra special family for bravely stepping foot into a venue where the majority of the people were wearing handmade socks.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun place to be. this chickadess booth was our favorite, so many pretty things to behold.