Monday, March 30, 2009

birth and taxes

benjamin franklin must have been a bit of a pessimist. sure, death is certain too...but from this chickadee's perch it looks like the birds and the bees are getting along just fine. maybe my friends are just looking for a way to get some sweet little handknits? the pitter-patter of tiny feet around their homes means the clicking and clacking of knitting needles around here.

this is the pinwheel sweater pattern from shirley mackie. available in a child and adult version, it is knit almost completely in the round, starting from the center back. the yarn used, universal classic worsted tapestry, complemented the circular construction by changing colors and making stripes all on its own. it took about a skein and half to complete the chickadee version of the child size, with a little left over that could be used to make booties (this one differs a bit from the original, the loopy edge was omitted and a little liberty was taken with the sleeves). the trickiest part of the otherwise straightforward pattern was the sleeve join. a link from ravlery lead me to this post, which is a must read if you are thinking of casting on.

now it is time to take care of those taxes...

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Anonymous said...

What a lucky baby!!! beautiful colors and oh so sweet. excellente!!
bravo!! kd