Friday, July 31, 2009

ulma mater

here at chickadee central we're on a serious shawl kick, triangular ones to be exact. they've been popping up in posts with a pretty good frequency and there's another one to introduce today. you've seen this pattern before, it is the delightful ulmus drafted by kristen kapur. the body is worked in a meditative knit and slip stitch pattern alternating two complementary yarn colors. then the border lace ties it all together. this time, armed with copious amounts of yarn and fierce determination, i set out to make the large...the mother of all shawls up to this point.

the colors chosen were inspired by a particularly perky patch of pansies just up the street from casa de chickadee. and the perfect yarn for the project came courtesy of karida collins (thank you! thank you!) and her neighborhood fiber company. it was wonderful to work with and became incredibly soft after blocking. the colors were just as nature intended and the end result is a big, beautiful, cuddly companion.

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