Thursday, July 23, 2009

space bag

friend of the chickadee and local knitting notable danielle romanetti has launched a new enterprise. her name should be familiar to dc area fiber fans as she is the founder of knit-a-go-go, a wonderful resource for neighborhood knitters looking to learn first steps or to increase the scope of their stitches. knit-a-go-go operated with no fixed location for the past several years, offering classes and workshops in local shops and stores. now danielle has up and opened her very own brick and mortar business in alexandria, va.

debuting TOMORROW, fibre space (website coming soon, see her blog in the meantime) will function as an extension of her already successful teaching empire and as a destination spot to pick up the latest yarns, hooks and needles. she'll be offering classes and workshops, as well as an amazing selection of fiber, including a small section of fabric!

this chickadee is so excited not only to shop, but to have knitting project bags in stock there! the inaugural bags are approximately 7"x10" and great to stash socks, scarves and sweaters-in-the-making. there are three different fabrics to choose from, but they all follow the same design. constructed of cotton and linen, they wear well and are washable and reversible! this was a special order and a limited edition, so stop by and pick one up today! you'll be supporting two local businesses with one purchase and we both thank you ever so much.

special note: these bags could not have been stitched together in time for the opening of fibre space without the assistance of a very special lady. mama chickadee uncomplainingly allowed her dining room to become the command center for our little sewing space module. she patiently received her orders and executed them to perfection. thank you mama! you are out of this world.

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Natalie said...

This is great!!! I was planning on going to he opening today to check out the yarns becuase I have been following what Danielle does for a while now. Excited to see that you are participating as well! I hope to have one of your bags filled with yarn by the end of the day. Cross your fingers that I don't get reprimanded by my fiance about the amount of money I am sure to spend :)