Wednesday, July 29, 2009


please join me in congratulating dandelion blu (and mr. db) on her (their) latest creation! she's really done it this time, made something incredibly beautiful and perfectly lovely. here he is, little jasper samuel:

what a sweet sweetheart. mama, papa and baby are doing just fine. this chickadee has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the little guy for quite a while now. just enough time to whip up a little something that will hopefully bring comfort and warmth when the weather turns cold.

this is the owlet hatched in the mind brilliant knitwear designer kate davies. she's assembled a positively pleasurable parliament of owl inspired patterns and this pint sized one is the perfect fit. jasper's room is decked out with a delightful woodland motif and this jumper is just the thing to go along with the other animals. knit with brown sheep lamb's pride worsted, it is a weighty wool fabric with some subtle color variation. for more info on the project, see the ravelry write-up.


Anonymous said...

Ack! I love it. Adore it. Does Nancypants get one?? Her mother can't seem to get back into the knitting groove at all. Neglectarino Sparklebottom. Sooo sad.

dandelion blu said...

damn that's a good lookin' baby- if I do say so myself!

Katie said...

What a cute baby! The sweater turned out great. Way to go everyone.