Thursday, July 2, 2009

off the wall

here's something new that made a debut at charm city craft mafia's pile of craft.

what in the world is it, do you ask? why it is a little bit of decoration for your wall. the platform is an 8" x 10" canvas that is covered with several lofty layers of quilt batting. then a patchwork piece is wrapped around and secured to the frame with a few shots from the staple gun. voila! the wall pillow is born.

this is an idea that has been cooking for quite a long time on the chickadee back burner. it was fun to finally turn thought to reality. tomorrow you'll meet the other two members of the first ever chickadee wall pillow collection. be on the lookout for more in the future!


dandelion blu said...

Is the quote from The Big Lebowski??
I like these!! Fun!

this chickadee said...

it is from the big lebowski!

glad that you like them.

Christi said...

ooooo fun times! would you do a custom one for my new place in philly??

this chickadee said...

of course!