Wednesday, March 19, 2008

you make me feel like dancin'

back when this chickadee was but a baby bird, a tiny tot, i spent several years stuffed like a sausage in pink tights and a black leotard, the uniform of every hopeful ballerina-in-training. dipping my twinkle toes into rosin and prancing across the well worn wooden floor of the ballet slipper (my hometown training ground) , i dared to dream of stage lights and curtain calls. alas, as the shortest one in the class i realized my limitations early on and my parents mercifully yielded to my demands to play softball instead. i may have left the barre far behind, but my love of the leg warmer stayed with me forever. so practical. so chic. so much fun to make.

as leg warmers go, these are tasteful and refined. the pattern for these again came from one skein. thanks to that book there is no excuse to sit around and twiddle thumbs or walk around with bare gams. instead of using the prescribed yarn, these were knit with debbie bliss baby cashmerino. because of the difference in yardage, two skeins were required to complete the project.

leg warmer (rib end) leg warmer (eyelet detail)

here is a look at the ends of the leg sleeves. one is finished off with a subtle knit three, purl one rib. the opposite was done up fancy with yarn overs that produced a frilly little eyelet. you choose which you'd like as the top and bottom. or get crazy and mix them up. or get super crazy and thread a ribbon through the eyelet and tie them up in a bow.

nothing beats a great pair of leg warmers.


Anonymous said...

Oo, ooo, I like the ribbon option.

Pardon My French said...

I want to live forever...I wanna learn how to fly...

I love these. They're one of my knitting goals.