Monday, March 17, 2008

look ma, no fingers!

arm warmers

around here, spring is springing but the morning chill is lingering. while many of the woolliest woolens can be packed away, this chickadee is still keeping some hand knits at her fingertips...including these new fingerless arm warmers. how nice to knit (and type) with cozy carpals and fancy forearms! a single twist on top provides the flair to an otherwise straightforward rib pattern that bundles up the bones from just below the elbow to just above the palm of the hand. a handsome arrangement for the fingers, leaving them free to float about in the manner that phalanges favor. this project was knit with the january installment of yarn from the stitch dc stash club, adorn sock yarn from three irish girls. a fitting finish for st. patty's day.

arm warmer and yarn

the fingerless arm warmers were still on the needles when the latest stash club skein showed up on this chickadee's doorstep. marvel at the mermaid, a beautifully dyed ocean of blues and greens that gets its gloss from 70% silk and 30% seacell = natural sea kelp fiber. voila! voile de la mer from tilli tomas.

february yarn

how nice that the colors complement those in the previous package. stay tuned to find out what sort of creation arises from the depths of this deep sea.

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