Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sock it to 'em

the one skein bandit strikes again! this time, la bandida has rustled up some stockings to keep toes toasty as winter takes its final stand. remember the fabulous pennsylvania alpaca? turns out, it was perfect for this project. soft and warm, with no hint of itch in sight, it was begging to become a knee-high or a tube or even a crew...happily, the transition from alpaca to anklet was made with the greatest of ease.

this chickadee has always been daunted by the thought of making socks but this pattern cured what ailed me. socks are super! fired up with first time stocking success, i set out to fill a long neglected request for a pair of something warm and woolen. i'd been given the green light to make them mismatched and to raid the leftover pile for raw materials. be careful what you wish for. we take all requests seriously...

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