Thursday, September 9, 2010

who's your daddy?

babies beware...this chickadee has sworn off the seemingly endless stitching that is a baby blanket and has converted to the bag! why? because it is terribly cute, absolutely ridiculous and looks incredibly cuddly.

plus it is the perfect way to pamper a freshly hatchling without breaking the piggy bank. the pattern says that 150-200 yards of worsted weight wool will get you this soft and squishy owlie sleep sack designed by teresa cole.

this itsy bitty bunting bag was made with less than one skein of malabrigo worsted (colorway: emerald). it is knit in the round so none of those pesky seams to worry about. and even if you've never cabled before you are capable of constructing the feathered friends that circle round the top. after the owls, it is smooth stockinette sailing!

** owl model made by pretty little fings! **

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Anonymous said...

It is a real hoot! Some little thing will just howl with happiness. So cuddly........kd