Friday, September 10, 2010

bunting bundle of joy

you were warned about the baby sack addiction. there's more to tell. this time it involves super large needles, dreadlocks of yarn and ears!

meet the buga baby bunting, designed by susan b. anderson for spud and chlöe. when this pattern came into the shop, it was love at first sight. when the time to cast on finally rolled around, fibre space had just gotten a shipment the newest malabrigo yarn, rasta. the super huge, super soft single ply merino seemed to beg for substitution.

talk about warm, this is polar bear and igloo type of warm. perfect for the new baby coming to live in an old drafty house. and if we have another winter like last year, not to worry. the cub is gonna be cozy and content in its bulky bundle.

since the intended recipient is still in the incubator, here's the official pattern publicity shot:

photo from: spud & chlöe


Pang said...

this makes me want to have a child.

Meaghan said...

Will you make a plus sized version for me? With arm holes.

B.more.Art said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Bober is one lucky dude.