Wednesday, September 29, 2010

masterpiece mystery

this shawl started out a troublesome mystery. aptly named agatha, it was a script that ms. christie could have that might fittingly feature miss jane marple, quite the knitter herself. it took some clever detective work to decipher the chart and plenty of fits, starts and restarts before any progress was made. but it was well worth it to persevere.

with berroco pure merino dk on the case and its excellent stitch definition, the design of the shawl became clearer and easier to follow. there are whispers that this yarn might be discontinued and it would certainly be a shame. the spring and twist is like no other. it shows off cables as well as lace in lovely fashion.

with a little patience and pluck, agatha transformed from a mystery to a masterpiece!

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Anonymous said...

How bequiling!!! Ms. Marple would be awed......kd