Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hot to trot

the traveling woman by liz abinante has graced this here blog a few times in the past. it is a testament to the greatness of the pattern that it keeps getting made to be gifted. this lady really is a special shawl, somewhere in between a scarf and a wrap. giving them away has been joyful, but also a bit sad as they always sit so nicely on the shoulders or cozy up to the neck and seem to want to stay right here.

in a knitting slump and struggling to manage an unruly stash, i decided to travel by staying close to home and pulled out the pattern yet again. paired with some mystery yarn that had been left here by a friend on her way out of town chasing down new adventures, and the circle was unbroken. the yarn is probably alchemy silk purse...but that is a best guess. it was unlabeled and already wound when it got here, as if it had started down one road and then decided to to turn back. it is bright as the day!

the three little balls did their best to manage the pattern with an additional repeat of the first chart, but they ran out of steam just stitches away from the end of a row. luckily no yarn is ever squandered in these parts, and there were still remnants remaining from the first ever chickadee traveling woman. the leftover malabrigo silky merino lent itself lovingly to the edge of another far wandering femme.

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Anonymous said...

What a knock-out.....the colors and the pattern are beautiful!!! kd