Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sea of love

sometimes it is hard to find the time to sit and knit...even when you are on vacation with a pretty little front porch to perch on. with so much yarn and so little time, what's a knitter on the move to do? become a professional passenger! a passive car ride becomes an absolute pleasure when you take your yarn for a ride.

this sapphire shawl was stitched together over multiple miles. the pattern is herbivore by the talented stephen west. this chickadee has now knit three westknits designs and they've all been stellar, very well written with interesting shapes and stitches. this one incorporates tons of twisted knits and purls that create pronounced ridges that contrast with a sea of stockinette.

even the yarn, trekking hand art, is well traveled. it was picked up on a trip to germany over a year ago and has been sitting in the stash waiting for the right project to come along. it seemed a little stiff while working with it, but became quite soft after being blocked. and the blending of the blue shades will be a reminder of the bright skies, clear waters and relaxing times spent on vacation.

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Anonymous said...

such a beautiful shade of blue!!!! love it, love it.......kd