Saturday, July 31, 2010

shame, boatloads of shame

it is shameful and sad that the couch located just steps from this here chickadee computer portal was in desperate need of pillows for such a long time. the old ones were tattered and torn and truly unwelcoming. a rare free friday afternoon came along and it was time to take action!

dear couch, languish no more! you finally have new friends:

(this project has been in the making for quite a while and the fabric for it was purchased so long ago that i can't even recall the name of the collection. will research if anyone is interested. shame!)

look ma, matched corners!


Pardon My French said...

I love the possum fabric! Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great fabric, Becky. Perfectly matched corners, I'm proud of you!!!
Great pillows. The fabric is so happy to have found a home......kd