Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a clean slate

here's to good old fashioned summer knitting! simplicity that allows the mind to unwind but still yields delightful results. with the heat bearing down on you and your needles, it is sometimes sublime to relax with stockinette stitch. those complex cables can come back in the fall.

the boneyard shawl from westknits was just the thing to weather the latest heat wave. it is a small, portable project that won't take up too much room in your tote. and its straightforward construction was easy to follow without getting lost. sections of stockinette are offset with a tidy purl ridge that keep things interesting without having to maintain strict attention.

another great part of the pattern is that almost any yarn will do. this one is made from the super squishy, soft and luxurious neighborhood fiber co. capitol luxury sock (merino/cashmere/nylon). you can easily customize the size of the shawl to fit your yarn or your pretty little neck. the chickadee version has nine purl ridges and is finished off with an inch and a half of garter stitch. that used up almost all 375 yards and made a cute little kerchief. it is the grooviest slate grey and goes well with most everything.

chickadee: 1 cute kerchief / heat wave: 101ยบ

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