Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tonight's special:

chickadee aprons, hot off the sewing table!

two new designs are making their debut tonight at the ovarian cancer national alliance food fest! the chefs will be turning up the heat and this chickadee will be turning on the charm with a couple of debutante darlings.

this pretty pleated number is a take on the familiar hostess apron. instead of a ruffle around, flirty folds flip out of the bottom seam only. the pocket and loop are borrowed from the original design, so is the secret slip over the pocket square. larger than its frilly friend, the pretty pleat measures 15" x 19" and has a super long tie strap. the reverse of the apron is pocketless and plain, but still serves as a valuable second side.

and finally, here comes the full apron! so far the array of aprons coming off the chickadee assembly line has been focused below the belt. this one takes the basic design of the kangaroo/joey and tops it off! the ties make it adjustable all around and it reverses with pocket options on both aspects.

let's hope that these aprons create a buzz and bring in some dollars for ovarian cancer research and education! i've been asked to attend and "model" the aprons. you can bet that i'll also be volunteering to try out some of the delicious dishes. all for a good cause!

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Anonymous said...

really like the colors...should be a hit! great cause.