Friday, February 6, 2009

someone to snuggle with me

has it been cold in your neck of the woods? it certainly has around these parts. one of this chickadee's tried and true weapons to combat the cold is the scarf. an easily added layering option, a few flips of a scarf around a nippy nook and the whole body warms right up. like magic! and if you feel a hot flash coming on, it is easy off as well. in honor of punxsutawny phil's reluctance to conform to my seasonal timetable, i whipped up a batch of cuddly cotton and fleece scarves to chase away the chills. they are long enough to accommodate a double wrap around for extra warmth. and they are done up in some cute cotton prints likely to melt your valentine's frosty heart.

see them in action at crafts and kisses this sunday!

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