Thursday, February 26, 2009

good day sunshine

not much in the way of posts lately, but plenty going on here at chickadee central. for the past couple of weeks, the assembled crew has been working their needles (knitting and sewing) to the bone on some special projects for some special people. first up, the knitting project that kept this chickadee up late! a friend commissioned little me to make a knit baby set that she could then give as a gift. she gave me the colors and then sent me to work on a plan for a blanket, sweater, hat and bootie set that would be cuddly and cute for the little newborn.

my casual planning and constructing turned constant when the due date for the bundle of joy was bumped up! so for a few days, there was nothing going on here but the constant click and clack of needles, a few "ughs" and the occasional frog.

today let's talk about the blanket. once again, ravelry came to the rescue. already armed with ideas for the sweater from a previous project, i searched through ravelry's never-ending database of patterns to find something that would look similar. the oh so soft baby blanket by jennifer jackson was oh so right. the chickadee version is knit holding two strands of bernat cottontots together throughout. to make the striping a bit more symmetrical, the middle row of yellow had eyelets added at the beginning and end of the row. other than that little twist and total ignorance of gauge, it was knit according to the pattern which was clear and easy to follow. and jennifer does not tell a lie, the blanket is indeed oh so soft.


anne.h said...

i have lots of booties to make in the next few months. this is the perfect post. thanks!

currently i'm making these booties for a friend who has a two-year-old and a brand new daughter. i made one that was hideous, then another with a different yarn for which i stupidly thought i didn't need a swatch for (i, too, am pressed for time). so i made a booty for a really big baby... or a two-year-old! i realized that the big sister should get a present, too. so i'm making two slippers for the big girl, and two booties for the little girl.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful!!!Love the colors, soft yellow and white. What a lucky baby........kd