Wednesday, January 2, 2008

to wrap or not to wrap

this holiday season i found myself presented with the same problem on countless occasions...waste $$ and other precious resources on paper packaging and totes that would soon be trashed or find a way to reduce, reuse and recycle my fabric stash. happily, i was able to save a few saplings by constructing my own gift bags. here's one that is fashioned out of complementary fabrics and reverses to suit your fancy...or more specifically, aunt k's fancy. i made this with her in mind. she's an avid reader so this came with a couple of books as stuffing. she can use it for trips to the bookstore or any store that she pleases. this is a gift where the gift wrap gives back.

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Sarah said...

I love using fabric bags for gift wrap instead of wrapping paper or even reusable gift bags! I bet you could sell colorful sets of handle-less bags with fun ties in different holiday themes.