Monday, April 18, 2011

to infinity!

the dipped infinity cowl by laura chao of cosmicpluto knits! is a hit in knitting circles worldwide. she describes it as the perfect way to use up leftover bits of sock yarn and that is completely true. but what if you aren't a sock knitter? what if your stash isn't stocked with scraps of the right spectrum?

fear not! neighborhood fiber co. is coming to your rescue with cute little kits all containing just the right amount of yarn to whip up this nifty knit. check out the photo above to see a sample knit with nfc's studio sock yarn.

there are three kits: warms, cools and purples. the kits contain the yarn and the cowl pattern and they are available for purchase through the neighborhood online shop. check out the color combos below and get your kit-knit on:

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Trillian42 said...

How much do I love Karida that "purples" is its own separate kit? Might need to try to get down there and look for one of those for myself!