Tuesday, April 26, 2011

on the double!

just recently, this chickadee was stuck securely in an unfortunate knitting slump. something as simple as a sweet little baby blanket had me baffled. the cast-on/rip-out cycle was repeated enough to be totally discouraging. the yarn didn't fit the pattern, the pattern didn't seem to fit the yarn, the deadline was looming! desperate times called for desperate but delightful measures.

the original yarn was ditched in favor of a favorite, miss babs yowza! whatta skein. just one huge hank packs a 560+ yard wallop. it is a super soft superwash merino to certainly holds up in the machine...and dries quite quickly on its own. the new patterns picked were also personal favorites. and with a few modifications, they made the most of the entire skein!

for detailed details, click the picture to see the ravelry page. otherwise, look out below!

plum pram pal

berry buggy blanket

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Anonymous said...

Courtney and Carson will love them....very pretty! Nice colors, too. Beautiful pattern.....kd