Monday, November 15, 2010

lightening the load

the possibility that there was someone or some organization out there that could make good use of some good yarn got this chickadee motivated. no corner, cubbyhole or crate went without investigation. and when the dust bunnies settled, these three boxes were packed full of skeins of yarn, supplies and the hopes that they'd find loving homes where they could inspire, soothe and entertain women in need...the way that only knitting can.

anyone out there with a craft or hobby probably also has an abundance of materials. there's that yarn that you save for years waiting for just the right project to come along. or the fabric scraps that you just can't bear to send to the circular file. a quick search online reveals that for every reason you can think of to hold on, there are equally as many organizations out there hoping that you'll let a little bit go.

it is pretty easy to take a look around and see that there is enough to share. but sometimes the hard part is finding the right place for it to go. here are two sites that were super helpful for me.
  • interweave knits: a nice list of knitting charities including organizations that are requesting supplies and/or finished products. short descriptions of the organizations and web/contact information available.
  • lion brand charity connection: search by supply/project and location and find someone in your area who is looking for just what you have. descriptions/contact information also listed.

next on the list, unused finished objects and fabric!

if you know a group in need or if you are a group with needs, feel free to leave a footnote in the comments below.

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