Monday, November 22, 2010

a few of my favourite things

1. spelling the word favorite "favourite".

2. knitting.

3. knitting shawls.

4. pink, purple and gray. preferably in combination with each other.

5. this:

my favorite things

more specifically, this is the chickadee version of kirsten kapur's pattern, snow drops and snap peas (pattern available via ravelry). and it is made even more chickadee thanks to the pretty and perfectly named chickadee yarn from quince and co.

it isn't just the name of the yarn that is lovable, the yarn itself is some of the most delightful stuff to work with. it is springy, squishy and soft...everything a yarn should be! and it comes in quite a generous palette. these three were the ones that chirped the loudest to me.

my favorite things


Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn, beautiful shawl! The colors look great together.....kd

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous. i swear you have magic hands! when i grew up i wanna be like you! ncile