Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gimme shelter

knitwear designer jared flood of brooklyn tweed fame recently took the sheep by the shears and released his very own yarn, shelter. it certainly speaks to the rustic, traditional stitching that so define his patterns. and the palette is a perfect complement, he's circled the spectrum and selected colors with richness and depth as well as much needed neutrals.

you are talking to a very lucky little chickadee who actually works at one of the few flagship stores that sell skeins of the lovely stuff. that's right, fibre space has it! and it has been a real hit.

to celebrate our celebrity yarn status, we were privy to previews of his new patterns and yarn. and yours truly got to stitch up a sample...the terra shawl in the sap colorway. here she is, big and beautiful!

if you are in the dc area, stop by space to see this and other samples that staff members knit out of shelter. it is delightfully sheepy and oh so very squishy. and warm, is it ever warm! the chill is coming. get yourself some shelter. even sir mick sang of needing some.

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Anonymous said...

Green, green, it's green they say on the far side of the hill.....and at fibre space! What a lovely shawl! kd