Tuesday, October 26, 2010


the marvelous oh meaghan asked this little chickadee to craft a creation for her aunt, who is about to be married. it was such an exciting request that many hours were immediately lost to ravelry looking for just the right pattern...and then many circles were walked around the shop looking for just the right yarn. meaghan specified that she'd like a shawl and for color choice had mentioned perhaps a swiss red, as her aunt resides in that lovely little land.

achtung bitte:

here's what happened. the summer flies shawl was the first pattern that came to mind. of course, that thought was then replaced by a million others, but in the end it finally won out. it is a sweet semi-circular shape with several different lace motifs. the changes kept the knitting interesting and fun. the soft flounce at the bottom adds a nice finish. the chickadee version has a bit of an extended flounce due to the extended amount of yarn on hand.

why so much yarn?

because the yarn that seemed perfect for this project was miss babs yowza whatta skein and whatta skein indeed. 560 yard of hand dyed goodness, and it surely is goodness. every shawl that i've encountered that is made with this yarn looks lovely. it has a pleasant drape, a soft hand and is delightfully dyed by an equally delightful woman in mountain city, tennassee.

auf wiedersehen kleines schal, grüß gott. hope meaghan's tante likes it sehr viel!


Meaghan said...

YOWZA is indeed a beautiful yarn and this is a beautiful shawlf! Tante Karen will love it, without a doubt!

Thank you, cheesebird! ()

Anonymous said...

tis beautiful!!! love the color, love the stiches, love the shawl.....kd