Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a spicy little sweater

and now back to our regularly scheduled sweater knitting!

what do we have here? a finished sweater? amazingly yes! this is the chickadee version of yellowcosmo's sage blouse (a free ravelry download). it is a sweet little sweater that she dedicated to the memory of her beloved canine companion who would return home from walks smelling like the sage that was growing along the trail. she's made this pattern available for free! all that she asks in return is that you take the time to care for or show some love to a little creature that you meet along the way. a great idea, and a great pattern to boot!

this particular version is more turmeric than sage thanks to the pretty pumpkin pigment of the unique sheep's pima petite. cotton yarns can be rather tricky to work with. there's usually little give to them which makes knitting a bit of a chore. but the pima petite was prima! the best cotton yarn experience to date. makes me want to knit more soft summer sweaters in the myriad of color options it comes in...all of them with lovely hand-dyed hues.

pretty much followed the pattern just as written. you can find more notes here on my ravelry page. and you can find me wearing this one when the thermometer decides to slip into something more comfortable.


pia said...

Love it! And I owe you pictures/an email...what a crazy summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Just lovely!!! Pretty pattern, great color.....loverly!!! kd