Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the green green grass

last year was the summer of shawl knitting. this year it was shaping up to be the summer of sweater knitting. at least those were the plans. but those lovely little lace triangles keep calling...and keep getting cast on. if john lennon were a knitter, perhaps he would have said "shawls are what happen when you are busy making other plans." and so, from the needle arts corner of chickadee central, comes a surprise shawl.

the pattern is wandering the moor by celeste glassel. the sprawling stockinette section was perfect for recent times when the hands needed to move but the mind needed to be very still. in this case, the mind totally shut off and i'd actually gone over the prescribed number of stitches for the large size before i took a moment to count. knowing that there wasn't enough yarn in the ball to make the large (as noted on the pattern) i went ahead and tried for it anyway. and miracle of miracles, it worked out with only a wee bit of yarn to spare. this is not a recommended move for the faint of heart or those who fear ripping back.

follow this ravelry link to find the particulars including yarn choice and pattern notes.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely sweater to "wonder the moor". The color is beautiful. The pattern looks very nice, also. Great job, Becky!!! mama d