Monday, December 7, 2009

snow day!

here's a scene from the chickadee canopy snapped saturday morning at the holiday shop and stroll. the rain was a pain for set-up, but it quickly switched over to snow. lots of snow! big flakes of snow! which made the atmosphere festive for those brave shoppers who came out to support all of the awesome vendors.

many thanks to the shoppers and supporters, and to kim and debbie for their incredible craft show organizational skills. thanks to fellow vendors and friends moonlight bindery, pretty little fings, and oh ginger for hanging out and having fun. lots of love and appreciation goes out to mr. chickadee, who was there from set-up to clean-up.

and the mvp of the day award goes to john from fisticuffs. we couldn't have done it without him and his handy heater...which for some reason he didn't want and shared with us for the day. hopefully good crafty karma is already on its way. you can see him and his creative cuffs at squidfire's winter art mart in baltimore on saturday. this chickadee will be there too!

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