Tuesday, August 25, 2009

deja two

880 yards of lace-weight merino doesn't look like a lot in the skein...but it sure starts to feel like a lot after five minutes of winding. as the swift goes round and round, so does the mind and you start to wonder just what you will do with all of that fiber. all of that gorgeous, twinkling, teal fiber. well of course it wants to be a triangular shawl. in this case, it turned out to be two.

exhibit a:

the lavalette by kristen kapur

worked with size 6 needles (not the recommended 7's), the chickadee version of the lavalette is more of a kerchief than a shawl or scarf. it is little, light and lofty. the perfect accessory to have on hand as summer winds down and relief starts to fill the evening air.

yarn introductions are in order as well. the 880 lb. yarn gorilla is totally teal merino lace yarn from beyond basic knits. you can also find her on etsy where she's known as knittindiva. she's a local dyer based in good old arlington, va. two super enthusiastic thumbs up for this yarn that two projects were made out of. it was so lovely to work with that the second project was cast-on immediately after binding off this one. the color is a gorgeous blend of blues and greens that subtly change to add highlight and interest to the finished fabric.

tomorrow you'll meet the fraternal twin.

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Anonymous said...

the color is gorgeous and the pattern is beautiful. you have become a wonderful lace knitter. i will be watching for the twin tomorrow. kd