Tuesday, November 18, 2008

koozie krush

another new item from the mind of this chickadee! cute up your bevie with a quilted koozie.

no need to hide your bottle behind foam or cloak your can with a paper cocktail napkin, not when you have two layers of cotton stuffed with batting. your potable will stand out in a crowd of similarly shaped containers. and a chickadee koozie will also catch the condensation coming from your frosty beverage, making it safe to set down on counters even without a coaster.

they come in an assortment of colors and a couple have even been embellished! bernie has yet another new trick up her sleeve and a new foot on her presser, the darning foot. this allows for some simple words and symbols to be stitched by machine on to the front of the koozie. for the first batch, a few say "beer" and "yum" while two even have a music notes on them. be on the look out for more in the future and feel free to customize your own.

1 comment:

Christi said...

you think of everything! look how easy you're making it to drink beer in the winter without getting frozen hands!