Wednesday, November 12, 2008

handmade hangover

phew! finally back from pittsburgh. last weekend's handmade arcade exceeded expectations. the crowds were huge both days and the assembled group of vendors was impressive. the handmade arcade support staff was also super helpful, setting up coffee and donuts in the morning and walking around during the day to offer breaks for vendors braving the show alone. while the location was spacious and seemed centrally located, it is the only negative factor of the entire operation. the floor was caked and coated with an accumulation of who knows what...grease, dust, diesel fuel, whatever the armored tanks dragged in...and when something happened to fall if for just a second, it was doomed to wear a coat of black.

other than that, no complaints from this little chickadee. the people of pittsburgh were wonderful and welcoming, and full of enthusiasm for craft and crafters. my home away from home was happily situated among some familiar faces from the baltimore etsy street team (b.e.s.t.), including shadyside suite-mates dandelion blu, sweet pepita and the littlest bean. thanks to that trio for all of their help and humor, and for making me an honorary b.e.s.t. member!

sherry (dandelion blu) gets set up

jen (the littlest bean) and shannon (sweet pepita)

you can check out their work at the holiday heap this saturday in beautiful baltimore, md. when you are there, swing by the hello craft! table to say hello and share the pretty stuff that you picked up from the show. yours truly will be sitting in for a spell in the afternoon.

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