Thursday, February 14, 2008

they're all bold as love...just ask the axis

happy valentine's day. this chickadee loves all of you! a great big gracias for the support and kindness that you've shown a little bird like me and my little baby blog. let us celebrate this day of love with the highly anticipated debut of our very own axis: bold as love blanket. this was an exciting project from start to finish. i am truly tickled by all of the interest in this project and the encouragement from everyone. and while we're throwing around thanks, i'd be remiss if i didn't give credit where credit is due. this all started when a love of knitting became tangled up in a soulful song by jimi hendrix. my complements to the composer. also, a debt of gratitude is owed to my gramma. she's the one who started me on the road to short rows in the first place.

hooray! the axis turned out to be a great blanket. it is a bit larger than expected but it is the perfect size and weight for snuggling.

now for some details: this blanket is knit with the same short-row technique that is used to make dishcloths. the yarn is knit picks shine worsted (60% pima cotton / 40% modal) and as the name suggests, it does have a bit of a sheen.


Anonymous said...

Super duper!

the duede said...

nice job, bubbs. it looks really great! maybe you could do the next one one with krautrock as your inspiration. the cd's are on the way!