Thursday, June 30, 2011


the jaywalker sock pattern by grumperina deserves all the credit for inspiring this chickadee to knit socks. they never looked all that interesting or fun, until this pattern popped up on ravelry. now with a couple of completed pairs under my soles, i've learned that socks are extremely addictive and enjoyable to knit.

a stashed yarn, dream in color smooshy (in ruby river), met up with a stashed pattern with great results! the two go quite well together, don't you think? the smooshy is a super superwash wool which means that it can meet up with the machine when it is time for a touch-up.

can't wait to walk down the street (responsibly, lawfully, obeying all rules and crossing only with the light in crosswalks...of course) in these!


MorningSprite said...

Are you standing on your washer?

this chickadee said...

no silly, that is the dryer!

spundone said...

tiny feet!