Monday, January 31, 2011

all you need is warmth

this chickadee stumbled upon a heartfelt happening yesterday in dc, just off dupont circle. a small group with a grateful conscious gathered at the gandhi statue on 21st and massachussets ave to remember the life and celebrate the legacy of the peaceful leader....and to warm him up a bit!

they placed pom-pon garland at the base of the monument and laid crochet chains around his feet. he got a scarf for his neck and a hat to keep his head cozy. there was a sweet serenade by a few flautists and soft greetings and giggles from those who gathered.

there was also a spot to make a donation of hand knitted items to help those who are left out in the cold this winter. here's hoping that they made their way to cover cold hands and heads and keep out at least some of the chill.

for more information or to stay in the loop for next year, visit the gandhiwarmer page.

and to read a nice write-up on the event, click over to the 42.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful good deed to do....helping to keep others warm. Ghandi would like that.....let's hope those who need the warmth will benefit from such a lovely show of kindness. kd