Wednesday, February 3, 2010

enough about me...

...let's talk about what some of my crafty friends have been up to lately. you've already met the amazing gaggle of panguins that pang of pretty little fings put together. now let's see what that crafty gypsy who calls herself dandelion blu has gotten into.

the dandelion blu dungeon workshop is in full swing preparing for the american craft council show at the end of the month. quite an honor, and she certainly deserves it. take a look at some of the new pieces she is working on for the show. they are stunning!

check her out, along with some other amazing indie crafters, in the alt craft section of this year's acc show. and be sure to visit her blog to see what will come out of her studio next.

and oh ginger has a brand new webpage to share with everyone. she's synthesized her three other web log ventures (queering domesticity, heirloom tomato, and call me ashby) into one. now you are just one click away from the online home of everything meaghan:

above are some awesome new brooches that she's created. congrats to her on the new crafting and the dotcom! can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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