Monday, January 25, 2010

a long winter's nap

this chickadee has been hibernating! and squirreling away ideas for new crafty endeavors in the new year. the blog has been neglected but the batteries are now recharged and ready. one thing that has been going strong is the partnership with fibre space in alexandria. the bag re-orders keep on coming!

this is a favorite project because it supports a great local store with a focus on environmental and community friendly practices. each batch of bags is a chance to breathe new life into old fabrics. they are saved from the dim recesses of linen closets and a grim future in a garbage heap and reworked into fun and functional project bags that save stitches for knitters in the dc/nova area. everyone knows that an organized knitter is a happy knitter! check out the last lovin' spoonful of project bag bliss below:

these flirty florals were a hit! they're already sold out.
but fret not, a new batch is on its way soon

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Anonymous said...

So happy you have returned from your winter hiatas!!! Welcome back! kd